It is a commonly held misconception, that to receive healing is to be bestowed with a miracle from some benevolent Divine force. Many believe that this miracle is available only to the chosen few. In fact the opposite is true. Miraculous healing is available to each and every one of us by the application of a few tried and tested steps. The following gives a succinct step by step guide to receiving healing in any area of your life.

1. Make the decision to change – It has been said that the most powerful energy in the universe is the energy of decision. With this in mind, the first step is making the decision to change. Once you decide within you, that enough is enough and that you are no longer prepared to put up with your current circumstance, your healing has begun.

2. Identify the root of the problem Look beyond the symptoms. For example, you may have chronic backache. But when you look deeper into the problem you realise it is work-related. So in actual fact, the root of your backache, is your job.

3. Visualise the solution – You must have a clear idea of your desired outcome. The details are not as important as the results you want to achieve. So in the previous example, the visualisation would be you returning from a days work completely free of pain. At this stage you do not have to know what that job would be.

4. Attune to Divine Healing Energy – Raise your vibration. This can be done through meditation, prayer, deep breathing, repeating of a mantra, gazing upon a spiritual icon, requesting healing through a healer, visualizing white light, repeating affirmations and so on.

5. Express the solution within the Healing Energy Field – Bring Steps 3 and 4 together in one ritual.

6. Detach from the outcome – It is vital that you let go of the thought or desire once you have completed the cycle. This sends the healing request out into the universe ensuring it returns to you fulfilled.

7. Act on any signs from the universe – This is an important step. Clues to your healing may come in many forms. A conversation with a friend, a headline in a newspaper, a sign in a shop window. Once you get a sign, act on it. This will take your healing onto the next level.

8. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude Keep a gratitude journal, offer a prayer of thanks, make a donation to a favourite charity; the details are unimportant, what matters, is that you show gratitude for what you have received in some active way. This will keep your vibration high.

9. Pass it on become part of the healing chain by passing these steps onto others, thereby increasing the healing vibration of your friends, family and eventually the planet.