You can do a lot to help your teen cope with the stresses in his life. Here are some easy simple techniques you can put to use today:

Spend time with your teen. Listen to him. Express love and let your child know that he is loved and valued as a person, whatever he does or doesn’t achieve.

Help your teen develop coping strategies. Exercise is one of the best stress relievers available. Encourage him to get involved or reinvolved with a favorite sport.

Encourage him to learn new skills, such as assertiveness or relaxation techniques, to keep a private journal or listen to music.

Encourage him to reach out to others for help in times of stress, seeing this as a way of connecting with, rather than bothering, others.

Praise your child whenever possible, helping him to recognize special gifts and talents that may or may not be in traditional academic areas.

Help him to feel important in positive ways as a unique individual who happens to be part of a loving family.