Beyond the normal amazement of how quickly time can fly, you may have the disquieting feeling that your teenager is growing up just a little "too fast." Maybe you have a thirteen year old daughter who is dating a high school boy, and going to parties where alcohol is served.

Perhaps your fourteen year old son is smoking on the sly, and disappearing for long periods of unaccounted time. Or, it could be that you have a twelve year old who prefers the company of adults and rejects his peers altogether!

If you fear your teen is growing up too fast, think about what behaviors trouble you, and talk this over with your teen. Try to come to a compromise in rules and limits, but DO begin setting some limits!

A young teen should not attend unsupervised parties, or date a boy more than two years older. Group dating, and supervised parties are more age-appropriate.

A rule that your teen lets you know where he is going, and with whom, is reasonable. If your teen rejects peers, try helping him find a new peer group that shares a special interest of his — such as computers or music.

As a parent, you can help your teen grow up at his own time!