Does your teen seem unusually tired lately? Does he have a lower than usual level of energy?

Some parents immediately think that a teen sleeping much of the weekend, or lying around, is simply lazy or bored. This may be true in your teen’s case, but it’s also important to look beyond your first impression to uncover possible medical causes. Infectious mononucleosis is one possibility, of course, but there are others:

Depression can cause fatigue.
So can:

Alcohol/Drug Abuse
High caffeine or sugar intake – if your teen drinks a lot of colas or loads up on sugar-laden snacks, these may be the clue to his/her inertia.

Examine your teen’s lifestyle and habits for clues to his fatigue so that he/she will be able to make some energizing changes or get appropriate help to reduce depression or stress. It is a good idea, too, when fatigue persists, to have your teen examined by a physician to make sure that this is not a symptom of underlying disease.

Don’t make assumptions. Reach out and help your tired teen.