Could your teen be using or abusing drugs or alcohol? Ask yourself the following questions:

Have my teen’s group of friends changed suddenly?
Does my teen receive phone calls from people I’ve never heard of before?
Is he irritable?
Is he having trouble concentrating?
Is he getting into fights at school?
Have you heard that he is falling asleep in class?
Is he cutting school a lot?
Have his grades fallen?
Is he hostile for no reason?
Is he giddy? Depressed?
Are liquor, prescription drugs, cash and valuables missing?
Is your teen unable to get along with family members to an unusual extent?
Is he burning incense in his room?
Are his eyes red and irritated?
Does he use eye drops often?
Do you smell liquor on his breath?
Does he have frequent nosebleeds?
Does he complain of chronic indigestion or of memory lapses?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, consult your physician and seek help.