Teens need to know about the very real dangers of drug use and alcohol abuse, but they eventually turn off when they hear too many grim statistics. They need to hear positive reasons not to use substances. Here are some techniques you can use:

The best way to solve a problem is by facing it, not escaping it. Drugs and alcohol only cause more problems.

Feeling shy and uncertain is part of growing up. You learn social skills by risking embarrassment to change and grow.

You feel better when you take good care of yourself and you look better too. Substance abuse can make your eyes red and runny, your skin blotchy, your breath bad, and your health less than optimal. Attractiveness requires good self care.

Being in control is cool. Drunk or stoned people embarrass themselves.

Short term gains can be long term pains. Chemical shortcuts just about always backfire. Learn to be cool in your own way without chemical assistance. You’ll feel much more confident.