This is the season for graduation parties, and we all know that some teen graduates will drink, drive, and die during these celebrations.

Sometimes parents just assume that their teens know how they feel about drinking and driving, or about saying no to alcohol.

However, many studies of teens prove that if kids do not hear their parents say "No" specifically, loud and clear, kids will assume that their parents mean "Yes." In other words, don’t assume your children know your expectations; TELL THEM not to drink; TELL THEM not to drive with someone who has been drinking.

Some parents feel uncomfortable saying "No alcohol" to their kids because they use it or have it in their homes. Most kids have lived three fourths of their lives knowing that some things are off limits or for adults only, so this attitude does not compute. Drinking under age is illegal, period.

Besides, saying no and being "uncomfortable" about it is lots better than losing a child or losing everything in a lawsuit because you let your child drink and drive.