Besides physiological facts and pertinent warnings about sexually transmitted diseases, there are five important, and all too often overlooked, facts that teens need to know about sex. This is what you might tell your teenager:

Sex is an acquired skill. People expect miracles when they first have sex, not realizing that people need time and experience and patience to grow in their capacity to give and receive pleasure.

Sex is best enjoyed by those who are grown up, emotionally as well as physically.

Men and women have some important different physiological responses to sex and it’s important to be aware of these to avoid misunderstandings.

The anxiety of a first time ever or with a new partner can create problems with one or both partners. Patience, understanding and gentle reassurance are vital.

Finally, mature love and commitment can make sexual experiences much more satisfying. Tell your teenager that sex is best when one truly trusts and can be completely one’s self with another.