It happens to most parents from time to time. Your teenager may be a good kid. He or she may not have serious problems, but there are times when your patience wears thin and when your coping skills waiver. What can you do when you teen is just driving you crazy?

If a specific behavior is driving you crazy, put some limits on the behavior. For example, if you must disagree – don’t yell, if you must play acid rock – play it at a lower volume.

When you’re feeling stressed out, take time out. Do something you enjoy as an individual or as a couple. Rediscover an interest of your own. Exercise, even if this means getting up an hour earlier in the morning.

Make use of a support system of other parents, either an informal network of friends or a formal parental support group. Share parenting tips and strategies and boost each other’s spirits in the process.

Finally, keep your sense of humor. Sometimes the only and the best thing you can do when you have a teen is to laugh – and to persevere.