Tolerance is a social, cultural and religious term applied to the collective and individual practice of giving allowance to those who may believe, behave or act in ways that one may not personally approve of. Tolerance is seen as a more widely acceptable term than "acceptance" and particularly "respect," where the application to controversial parties is concerned.

In the wider sociological sense, "tolerance" carries with it the understanding that "intolerance" breeds violence and social instability. "Tolerance" has thus become the social term of choice to define the practical rationale for barring the prohibiting of uncommon social aspects, as necessary for stability within diverse communities. While people deemed undesirable may be disapproved of, "tolerance" would require that the party or group in question be left undisturbed, physically or otherwise, and that criticism directed toward them be free of inflammatory or insightful efforts.

·         As an Aristotelian virtue, tolerance is a middle ground between soft headedness on the one hand (over tolerance) and narrow mindedness on the other (under tolerance).

·         Tolerance, is the virtue of the open minded individual that radiant positivism & understanding. J. Bisner

·         Tolerance, is a state of mind-an-act where a human- analyzes, listen, think, comprehend, understand, advice or reprimand those that we love and care for. J. Bisner


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