John Bisner
206 Morris Ave Ste#2
Springfield NJ 07081

February 14, 2006
Cingular Wireless
Customer Service

CC: Office of the President at Cingular Wireless & AT&T.

To Whom It May Concern:

Imagine arriving at the Cingular Wireless store at the Livingston Mall in New Jersey excited to purchase new phones, and finding yourself in a situation where there is no employee manning the store. I was looking to upgrade my plan, and also thinking of adding a line to my current contract, but after waiting for one hour without any help or visible employee I became discouraged.

I waited for assistance patiently, however with no immediate result. After waiting for an hour for assistance, the store manager, Mr. Lloyd G. McKessey, arrived and when confronted, he stated he was at lunch. With a very negative attitude and a lack of concern, Mr. McKessey stated “I can’t help you, I was at lunch and I’m closing the store”.

I had been waiting at the store from 4:00 p. m. and Mr. McKessey arrived at 5:15 p. m. My disappointment was such that I am thinking of terminating my account, as well as my wife’s to become Verizon Wireless customers. I had plans to purchase Treo’s for my business, however after this experience I believe that your company can not offer me the service that I strive to provide for my own clients.

It is obvious from Mr. McKessey’s attitude that he does not care about offering quality service as you advertise. It is clear to me that this store lacks professional customer service sales representatives to promote Cingular’s slogan of “Raising the Bar”. Mr. Lloyd G. McKessey, Phone #: 973-953-0606 is a poor representative of your companies’ values, vision and image.

I worked many years for Honeywell International as well as the Intel Corporation and I learned that customers are our number one priority. I feel that Mr. MCKessey could benefit greatly from a course in customer service management such as “FISH”.

The main problem here is that your staff did not bother to ask “Can I help you Sir? What can I do for you today? Actually, there was no one to be found within the store, and when the manager arrived he was more concerned about leaving than he was of making a sale. I felt ignored by your staff and consequently quite frustrated.

I have decided to take the time out of my busy day to notify you of this incident, since I am a business owner myself and would be greatly disappointed to hear of such an experience on behalf of one of my customers.



John Bisner



Crowe Caroline; Starling Kelly (Public Rel.);

Owen Clay; Blasi Ritch



Sigman, Stan (CEO)

John Kampfe (Director)