Nextel’s GPS services allow you to keep track of employees or family and pinpoint their location, and also navigate the route to find them.   
GPS Options:
TeleNav™  Provides phone-based visual and audible turn-by-turn driving directions at a fraction of the cost of comparable GPS units.
Mobile Locator: View and monitor family member or employee location in real-time, either singly or within a group, on a zoomable online map.
 Trimble Outdoors: Transform your Nextel phone or BlackBerry handheld into a complete GPS receiver for on- and off-road adventures.

MapQuest® Find Me: Spend more time getting things done and no time asking for directions or off-road navigation tips.

Parents, I am telling you; this is a good way to see where your love ones are incase if something bad happens, this system can save a life or provide assistance ASAP when need to. GPS enables you to locate the phone and the location of the person that carries it. Yes, this maybe very good or bad  but I would prefer to have something like this help me find my kids, family, friends in hard times.
These phones they also have walkie talkie technology besides GPS, they are great tools and the price is right.
Hope this information is useful and YES technology can help and enable us to do better and greater things.