Physical Security

Although physical security is more of a general security issue than a specific malware problem, it is impossible to protect against malware without an effective physical defense plan for all client, server, and network devices in your organization’s infrastructure. There are a number of critical elements in an effective physical defense plan, including:

Building security

Personnel security

Network access points

Server computers

Workstation computers

Mobile computers and devices

Each of these elements should be evaluated in a security risk assessment for your organization. If an attacker compromises any of these elements, there is an increased level of risk that malware could bypass the external and internal network defense boundaries to infect a host on your network.

Protecting access to your facilities and your computing systems should be a fundamental element of your organization’s overall security strategy. A detailed explanation of these considerations is beyond the scope of this solution. However, information about the basic elements of a sound physical security plan is available in the "5-Minute Security Advisor – Basic Physical Security" article on Microsoft TechNet at:


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