50+ Keyboard shortcuts to move faster in Microsoft PowerPoint



Alt + D

Open the Slide Show drop-down menu

Alt + E

Open the Edit drop-down menu

Alt + F

Open the File drop-down menu

Alt + H

Open the Help drop-down menu

Alt + I

Open the Insert drop-down menu

Alt + N

Insert a new slide (Formatting toolbar must be visible)

Alt + O

Open the Format drop-down menu

Alt + R

Open the Draw drop-down menu (Drawing toolbar must be visible)

Alt + S

Open the Slide Design window in the Task Pane

Alt + T

Open the Tools drop-down menu

Alt + U

Open the AutoShapes drop-down menu (Drawing toolbar must be visible)

Alt + V

Open the View drop-down menu

Alt + W

Open the Window drop-down menu

Ctrl + A

Select all

Ctrl + B

Bold text

Ctrl + C


Ctrl + D


Ctrl + E

Center align text

Ctrl + F


Ctrl + G

Change Grid and Guides settings

Ctrl + I

Italicize text

Ctrl + J

Justify text

Ctrl + K

Insert a hyperlink

Ctrl + L

Left align text

Ctrl + M

New slide

Ctrl + O


Ctrl + P


Ctrl + Q

Close PowerPoint

Ctrl + R

Right align text

Ctrl + S