Alt + . (period)

Open the Address Book with the To field selected

Alt + A

Open the Action drop-down menu

Alt + B

Open the Address Book with the BCC field selected

Alt + C

Select message recipients for CC field

Alt + D

Switch to Daily calendar view

Alt + E

Open the Edit drop-down menu

Alt + F

Open the File drop-down menu

Alt + G

Open the Go drop-down menu

Alt + H

Open the Help drop-down menu

Alt + I

Open the Find tool bar

Open the Insert drop-down menu

Alt + J

Move to the Subject field

Alt + K

Check names in the To, CC, or BCC field against the Address Book (cursor must be in the corresponding message header field)

Alt + L

Reply All

Alt + M

Switch to Monthly calendar view

Alt + N

Open the Accounts drop-down menu

Alt + O

Open the Format drop-down menu

Switch to Today calendar view

Alt + P

Open the Message Options dialog box

Alt + R


Switch to Work Week Calendar view

Alt + S


Alt + T

Open the Tools drop-down menu

Alt + V

Open the View drop-down menu

Alt + W

Forward an item

Switch to Weekly calendar view

Alt + Y

Switch to Daily calendar view

Ctrl + 1

Go to Mail

Ctrl + 2

Go to Calendar

Ctrl + 3

Go to Contacts