Keystroke Function Page 2

Ctrl + 5

Go to Notes

Ctrl + 6

Go to Folder List

Ctrl + 7

Go to Shortcuts

Ctrl + 8

Go to Journal

Ctrl + A

Select all

Ctrl + B

Bold when editing a rich text message

Ctrl + C


Ctrl + D

Delete an item (message, task, contact, etc.)

Ctrl + E

Activate the Find drop-down menu

Center Align when editing a rich text message

Ctrl + F


Ctrl + J

Open a new Journal Entry from the selected item (message, task, contact, etc.)

Ctrl + K

Check names in the To, CC, or BCC field against the Address Book (cursor must be in the corresponding message header field)

Ctrl + M

Send/Receive all

Ctrl + O


Ctrl + P


Ctrl + Q

Mark the selected message Read

Ctrl + R


Ctrl + S

Save a draft message

Ctrl + T


Ctrl + U

Mark the selected message Unread

Ctrl + V


Ctrl + X


Ctrl + Y

Go to Folder

Ctrl + Z


Ctrl + Backspace

Delete the previous word

Ctrl + End

Move to the end

Ctrl + Home

Move to the beginning

Ctrl + Shift + A

Open a new Appointment

Ctrl + Shift + B

Open the Address Book

Ctrl + Shift + C

Create a new Contact

Ctrl + Shift + E

Open a new folder

Ctrl + Shift + F

Open the Advanced Find window