Ctrl + O

Open an existing database

Ctrl + P


Ctrl + R

Select Form or Report

Ctrl + S

Save a database object

Ctrl + T

Turn Auto filter on or off in PivotTable view

Ctrl + U


Ctrl + V


Ctrl + W

Close the active window

Ctrl + X


Ctrl + Y

Redo last action

Ctrl + Z

Undo last action

Ctrl + F1

Open the Task Pane

Ctrl + F2

Invoke a Builder

Ctrl + F6

Cycle through open windows

Ctrl + F8

Activate Resize mode for the active window

Ctrl + F11

Toggle between a custom menu bar and a built-in menu bar

Ctrl + ‘ (apostrophe)

Insert the data from the same field in the previous record

Ctrl + : (colon)

Insert the current time

Ctrl + ; (semicolon)

Insert the current date

Ctrl + ‘ (apostrophe)

Insert the data from the same field in the previous record

Ctrl + + (plus sign)

Add a new record

Ctrl + – (minus sign)

Delete the current record

Ctrl + Backspace

Delete word to the left of the cursor

Ctrl + End

Move to the end

Ctrl + Home

Move to the beginning

Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar

Insert the default value for a field

Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar

Select all

Ctrl + Shift + A

Sort selected data in ascending order (A to Z or 0 to 9)

Ctrl + Shift + Z

Sort selected data in descending order (Z to A or 9 to 0)


Undo changes made to the current field

Esc, Esc

Undo changes made to the current record

Shift + Enter

Save changes to the current record

Add a control to a section


Open Microsoft Access Help



Toggle between Edit mode and Navigation mode in Design view


Open the property sheet

Open a combo box


Open Form view from form Design view

Move to the record number box


Toggle between upper and lower sections of a window in Design view (tables, macros, and queries) and the Advanced Filter/Sort window






Activate Extend mode

Press repeatedly to extend a selection to the word, field, record, or all records


Recalculate a window’s fields

Refresh the contents of a list box or combo box


Activate the menu bar


Display the Database window


Save As

Shift + F2

Open a Zoom box

Shift + F4

Find the next occurrence of the text in the Find and Replace dialog box

Shift + F7

Toggle between Visual Basic Editor and for form or report Design view

Toggle between a control’s property sheet and the design surface in form or report Design view

Shift + F9

Require the underlying tables

Shift + F10

Display the shortcut menu

Shift + F12

Save a database object