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  Web Parts

SharePoint is becoming an increasingly popular platform for collaboration and communication within Global 1000 and mid-market organizations. The easiest way to extend the SharePoint platform with customizations and organization specific needs is by developing web parts that can be dropped into the SharePoint environment with little configuration. Optimus BT helps organizations develop customized web parts that fit the customized requirements of the business processes being implemented in the SharePoint environment.

Read more about how Optimus BT has helped an engineering company develop SharePoint web parts in an Extranet based SharePoint environment to better service its customers.

 SharePoint applications

Although web parts are an easy mechanism to develop specific functionality, delivering business applications involves development of the complete framework including several inter-connected web parts that allow the end users to be able to cohesively use the functionality to achieve specific objectives and tasks towards a business result. Optimus BT helps organizations utilize their SharePoint infrastructure and ease of use to deliver enterprise applications to the business user community thereby standardizing the user experience, minimizing training requirements and reducing the cost of support of applications.

  • Read more about how Optimus BT has helped a Washington DC non-profit organization develop a SharePoint based Volunteer communication and management system that allows the non-profit to recruit, and communicate volunteers and co-ordinate non-profit projects.
  • Read more about how Optimus BT has helped a Insurance organization in Georgia, development an employee performance management system using SharePoint and InfoPath in a secure manner with workflow to hasten the process of employee annual reviews.


Senior executives and managers within organizations have many priorities competing for their attention on a daily basis. Many executives and managers therefore like executive summaries for documents and in a similar fashion dashboards are useful to present facts and information in a concise and meaningful manner facilitating timely decision making based on facts. Optimus BT helps organizations conceptualize and develop dashboards in SharePoint that provide Key Performance Indicators [KPIs], balanced score cards, and drill downs about the business of the organization for its key managers and executives.

  • Read more about how Optimus BT helped a California based High tech firm develop a Sales, Marketing, Customer and Revenue focused Dashboards in SharePoint.


Organizations use SharePoint to develop and source content, collaborate on various documents, topics and meetings, and to store and archive information in document, picture and other types of libraries. Given these types of applications, it becomes important that SharePoint be integrated with other platforms within the organization so that relevant data and information is available to all users through this popular platform in a simple and easy to use manner. Optimus BT helps deliver integration solutions that allow organizations to integrate line of business applications like CRM, ERP, and HRMS systems into the SharePoint infrastructure.