Is not it great when you just finish designing the perfect web site? Regardless of how great it looks, it may not help your business unless people know it is available on the web. Here are some smart ways to promote and expose your site to potential visitors and future clients.

A) It is important to make sure your URL is easy to remember, spell and is descriptive of your industry or business. No matter how good the content is, few will visit it if they cannot remember or spell the name. Remember to choose an URL that is representative of your company’s name, an abbreviation of your company’s name, or a description of your product or services. People who use the web frequently seem to favor short, to the point descriptions. Keep that in mind when registering you company’s domain name. At Bisner Consulting Services, we can help you to process your domain registration, hosting, design and promote your business Identity on the web.

B) Include your web site information in as many search engines as possible to allow your web site address to come up during category and subject searches (SEO). Most search engines have instructions for submitting your URL, but if you cannot find them, use the "help" feature. Submission services such as "Add Me!” ( make listing your web site a snap by automatically sending information to the search engines with a few clicks of the mouse. Most of these are free or have a nominal charge. Remember though, that many search engines do not immediately update their files, so you may have to wait from a few hours to several weeks to have your web site added to their lists. Once you have added your URL to the search engines, make sure to check your email regularly to see if there are any follow-up instructions. Several search engines require a confirmation from you or they will not list your web address.

C) Another way to help people find your web site is to add your web site address to all of your promotional and print media materials including business cards, letterhead, brochures, 4×6 post cards and other marketing materials. Today people want to know more about you NOW. Make it easier for them by adding a signature line to your email with your company’s name, tag line/slogan and web site address. It is a terrific marketing technique! One quick click and people have access to your site. Consumers can quickly access more information about you and your services if you remember to add your web site address.

D) Make sure that your current clients know about your web site. Send out a specially designed direct mail piece, a postcard for instance, announcing your web site and offering a brief overview of the contents and features. Current customers can be a great source of referrals and may even be willing to add a link to your site on their own web site if they are impressed with your services. Make sure to ask your clients to recommend your web site, and therefore your services, to others. Incentives are not a bad idea either. If you get a call based on your web site, and a current client made the referral, do not forget to send a thank you in the form of a discount on services or small gift. These personal recommendations can be powerful and extremely profitable.

E)  If you are part of an industry that is represented by an association, professional or trade group, find out if they host a "circle" or link exchange program. A circle is a group of web sites comprised of common subjects that are linked together. Being part of this marketing tool is a great way to attract customers searching in a particular category or subject area. Potential clients may discover that you have just the service they are looking for! In addition, you may be able to collaborate your services with another company who needs your skill and expertise.
Promoting a new web site is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work, hours on the computer and ingenuity to attract potential customers and it cost money, “Time is Money” Be creative, because this is the age of the Internet. The rewards can be enormous if you do your homework and partner with the right team;
“The BCS-LLC Team”.
  There you have: Smart Ways to Promote a New Designed Web Site