It is crucial today to be a realistic optimist. Today we face very important decisions to be made; these choices will shape and change a nation and its people forever. History will be written and America will never be the same. Presidential candidates offer different foreign policies and solutions in the campaign trail mostly referring about FREEDOM, Hunting down Terrorist, and stabilizing our economy. But they have not been clear on how they will achieve these objectives; protect America and its citizens.


Digging America of this political, diplomatic and economical mess will require more from the next commander and chief than four years in office and mere vagaries. This is a very important time in the History of America. We are threatened by terrorist attacks, Iran nukes, and the wake up of Russia and China rise. Is this new Islamic terror and fear what skyrocketed energy cost and the collapse of the US dollar. In the other hand the USA support for Israel and forces in the region has upset and angered extremist groups contributing to scaled terrorism attacks worldwide.


Needless to point out “If the Americans are hurting at the pump”, suffering from inflation and sacrificing their right to privacy over security so are you, what hurts America hurts the world economy and global stability.  It is within ourselves that we find the power to “CHANGE” for better or worse, we hold the key to our decisions and that will dictate our destiny and fate.


Senator McCain appears to me as a person with well established worldview and to hear but skeptical accepting their advice. McCain sided with the Russian invasion of Georgia, he usually slips his tongue like with serious international conflicts “Iraq-Pakistan borders”, he over simplify and states his position and case.


In the other hand Senator Obama seems calm and focuses on the issues that worry Americans today.  Obama opposed the invasion of Iraq but he did not have a strong voice in the war debates, this made it seemed removed from foreign policy matters until his presidential campaign forced him to develop instant expertise. Obama has offered to sit down with Iran and discuss nuclear weapons but he has not mentioned how he will go about it or deals with this urgent international issue or how he will deal with any terrorist threat and alienating important global potential partners.


Either way we hope for “McCain” if he is elected to be the USA president that he can under pressure of responsibility move back to his realistic roots. Perhaps, Obama if elected the next President of the United States, he can gain the sufficient experience, grow on the job and pick advisors suitable and in tune with his analytical mindset.


Regardless who is elected the president of the USA it is my view that once either candidate take office those who want honest and practical solutions to bail out America and its citizens of the mess we are in now Must work together to achieve common goals and sound solutions, leaving behind the RIGHT-LEFT stereotypes of the past, because AMERICA (ANS) deserve no less.


BLIND MICE do things without paying attention to their surroundings, you must be smart and do your homework before the election date and pay close attention and listen carefully to your candidates, their policies and what they are offering AMERICA.  DO NOT BE LIKE a BLIND MICE.