Much has been said about Barack Obama but in all honesty AMERICA urges a radical change in its policies and business model.  We all agree that the way this country has been operating for the past eight years is not what we all had in mind.  Barrack Obama has the charisma and vision for change we all need and hope for. Needless to mention he is the fusion of “John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King” in the political world.  Americans feel enough is enough and we cannot continue expending money and resources the way we have in the past. It is time for reform and change to benefit the American public and small businesses a crossed America. It is time to leave our petty differences aside and focus on what really matters to us today.  If we continue to ignore the signs in Wall St, global deteriorating finances-economy and global warming, we will fail miserably.


As the great nation that we are, we still have time and the resources in place to bail America out from the mess the last administration dragged us into; we have the leadership in Barack Obama and the power and will of the American people to make this happen.  This nation was built on immigrants and its diversity makes America a World Wide Leader and strong nation.  United the USA has accomplished things other countries or even continents had not; with this in mind there is no reason why America couldn’t restate its course and stabilize its economy.


Barrack Obama is a highly educated, thoughtful and prominent scholar with hands on experience on many social issues such civil rights; he loves to speak to people and relate firmly the truths, values and his believes.  Obama understands America and its necessities; he is a strong supporter for the middle class, health care reform, economic growth, education, ethical reforms for government policy “Global and Domestic”, immigration reform, and Ending the Iraq War.


Even when some aspects maybe questionable or deem without previous experience Obama is selective and makes wise decisions when comes to understanding foreign policy, the global economy and resolving issues in the best interest of the USA and citizens. The fact that he is a very young senator is viewed negatively by some but never less what this country needs “New Blood, New Ideas, Change and a New Direction for America”.


NOW, it is the right time for AMERICA to step up in gear and rally behind the future of our children and legacy of America, it is time to rewrite the books of history, it is time to make a powerful statement to stop the Iraq war, overcome adversity and put an end to our falling economy; together we can make this change and restate the course of America as a reputable leader in the world and its economy. Together we can reshape foreign policy to bring change and stability to other regions of the world and change how Americans are viewed by leaders and its countries. This CHANGE can ONLY come by electing Barrack Obama as the “New Leader of the Free World” and  President of the United States.