Time for change is here and now.  Senator McCain has been ignoring our economic reality for quite some time. He defines a rich person as making over $5 mil and middle class if you make less than $3 Mil per year. Giving these numbers I am certain many of us do not fall under either category. McCain continues thinking that the economy fundamentals are strong; I ask myself for whom? With the real estate market plunged and prices of gas rising, I wonder what is Senator McCain talking about?


In my eyes McCain is more George Bush and same old politics that brought us to the chaos we are in today. If his idea of salvaging the USA economy is giving tax cuts to the oil industry and blaming the home owners for the real state crisis that is not the change we need. It is such narrow mindset that brought America eight years of suffering already and we need NO More of that.


I am a small business owner, a father and middle class American struggling to make it in this changing economy. I feel Senators McCain views and policies do not reflect the “Change” we need and desperately hope for.  I feel Obama’s analytical views and hands own community expertise are clearly the choice for Americans today. According to Obama, the American middle class is first, he is in favor of tax cuts for hard working Americans and he will give families and emergency rebate to help us cope with rising pump prices.


In education Obama offers students tax cuts to pay for tuition on a fairly exchange of 100 hrs of community service which I feel is a fair and affordable trade. He will raise the minimum wage and index it to inflation “That is a CHANGE We can Believe in".


We can NO longer ignore and neglect to “EXPOSE” Senator McCain’s recklessness, the time is here and now.





Mr. B.