The infamy of Ideology of groups such of the KKK reflects no less than the erroneous believe of NAZI Germany & Hitler’s idea of white supremacy power.  Such ignorance is only practice by those hiding their faces behind white hoods due to the inability to accept diversity as what makes the USA the great nation it is despite its imperfection. Rational and educated individuals will never support, endorse or approve KKK practices or activities that involve terrorist acts, discrimination, instigate violence and intimidation.


Intelligent people know that hundreds of years of history will not change overnight neither change the twisted and corrupt mindset of KKK followers. The KKK dream of total political and social power will never happen, the perfect white race-Aryan Nation will never be able to suppress the will of the American people and its humanity. People that don’t embrace diversity and respect human rights are pure ignorant; the irony is that there so many uneducated people in the USA that share the KKK views today. In order to overcome adversity people must stand as one strong force to achieve a common goal not as a separate race, group or nation. America is a great country not for being a leader or large nation but for the essence of the diversity of its people.


The primitive thinking of the KKK will never drive the Klan to accomplish its goal rather than continue failure just like it drove Nazi-Germany to the end during WWII; hatred is not the answer rather than respecting and accepting one another for whom we are and what we believe on. We are all equal under God and we are his creation, he loves all of us regardless looks, color, religion, language or country.


In today’s rapidly evolving worldwide sophisticated society there should not be any tolerance for extremist groups such the KKK, its views or practices. Those that choose the radical path of evil should be judged and dealt with the full extend power of the law.