It is hard to wake up everyday in the morning thinking about the long day you have ahead and the many things you need to do before getting back home to your family again. Coping with a complex society today and the demands of a family, friends, job, and economy does not help the agony of struggling to survive we feel inside day after day. Life is very tough and sometimes it feels as if we do not have any choice of the direction our future may take us. At a time that is rip with turbulence and much uncertainty we search for hope but not for a “wish”, we expect richness not people setting  positive examples. We always have others telling us what to do and what we do wrong but never telling us what we should do and how to do it correctly. The types of influences in our lives are very important. These influences dictate how we conduct ourselves daily. We should always surround our selves with positive energy, discipline, and learn the importance of continuity in our lives by applying “Common Sense”.


Common Sense is something we all know a bit about and choose to ignore and never apply in our daily lives because we do not want to be bothered. If we guide and train our brain to follow a life in the path where balance, common sense, discipline, love, respect, tolerance and wisdom are key we should be able to overcome adversity and endure to live a happy and prosperous life with the freedom we seek.


It is human nature to underestimate the great powers of the brain because we do not fully understand how it works. It is easier to point blame in the opposite direction than facing the consequences, and easier to take the path of indulging that the path of sacrifice and discipline for what is worth and important to us. If we encourage our selves to cultivate and develop a richer inner spirituality and preserve our awareness between the balance of good and evil and right and wrong than we will discover the path to freedom and enlightenment. If humans develop an understanding of what is right, wrong and evil they could become more mindful of their actions and this helps them to integrate their realizations into everything they do, causing lees harm and suffering where the understanding of cause and effect is what is missing a long with common sense.


In today’s education our children are not guided in every day life and learning rather than aiming for academic subjects’ and excellence but never for a moment even thinking about developing wisdom and common sense. There is so much that they want us to learn and master that the end results are never the expected to begin with; so many subjects are thought that is hard to master any of them, this method I feel it is not practical and that is exactly why students have a very hard time merging what they learned and applying it into their daily lives.


The understanding of “common sense” and learning how to apply it develops compassionate people and wiser adults, something is lacking in the world today. Ancient Chinese applied these teachings in their philosophy and religions centuries ago, if they did it back than why is it so hard today? Is it because we grown lazy? We can’t commit?


In a world of constant evolution and rapid changes in advanced technology we tend to be confused thinking that we need something spectacular to live a happier and lesser stressful life, but in reality we do not need anything extraordinary, we just need discipline and continuity a long with the right influence. This mindset is the antidote to prevent anything for going terribly wrong in the world today.


We often mistake “discipline” for making life harder and difficult; rather than its aim to avoid creating harmful results. Discipline is to act in the correct way with concentration to bring awareness in everything we do. Again, disciplined people with the understanding of consequences of their actions are less likely to do anything harmful. In a world full of distractions it is very hard for any person to develop self discipline naturally and training the human brain is not an easy task, it is very tricky.


Training the human brain to follow a structure of discipline is a method that can position us into the correct path and mindset but to accomplish such discipline and apply it to our daily lives we must train harder every day and understand through realization. We need to stop living in oblivion and expending what we do not have, we need to go back to basics and stop living in impermanent happiness chasing dreams of what we should have, but can’t afford and dreams of what life should be but we can’t seem to achieve —“Happiness”!


We need to wake up and realize that this path of fragile emptiness is no longer satisfactory and can never bring success, peace and fulfillment to our inner soul. We need a change and we need a plan but to accomplish these we need to be wise, we need experience and realisation along with intellect. Looking into our spirituality we can find clarity of mind and thought and applying it can bring peace and confidence regardless of your believes as long as they are authentic. Trusting the foundation of your internal believes will bring you stability and you can begin to find and experience freedom and peace.


If we embrace spirituality and use common sense in our everyday lives not in a forceful way but in a skillful way this will provide us with confidence as individuals and therefore society and country will benefit greatly. It is my great wish that soon the direction of our nation change for the best and that our leaders start governing for the people and by the people instead of personal benefit and enrichment disregarding their nation and fellow citizens. I wish that by applying discipline, commitment, lineage, and wisdom we can develop the expansion and explanation of “common sense teachings” for a better AMERICA.