I believe the Christmas season is a time of hope, peace and giving. It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to you to express my joy knowing that someone very special will receive my precious small gift box.


My name is John and I am a father of two wonderful girls that mean everything to me. We took our time wrapping your box and we were much exited putting the gifts inside thinking of how much you will enjoy them. It is my great wish that you continue growing up to become the fine man you sure are and in the future you can enjoy the blessings of a good family such I do. To get somewhere in life you must apply yourself, study and work hard for what you want and believe.  A good education and knowledge are tools that will make possible to accomplish the prominent future you have in store and deserve.


Never let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough”, keep these words in mind, they will help you to keep your spirit up when Chaos is around or when anyone else is ready to give up; you will put your head up and push forward with all you got to lead and find the way to success. Always be yourself, learn to listen to people, speak with a moderate tone of voice, never lie and never compare yourself with others, which will make you a bitter person and remember to always keep your word as a man you are.


Be kind and humble, speak your truths clearly and firmly and keep good terms with people as much as possible. Stay away from noisy, aggressive and trouble people, they will poison your inner spirit, and block your happiness and peace of mind. Always strive to be happy and help those in need as much as you can, these actions will bring you much joy and self fulfillment.


Do not for get “GOD” whatever you conceive him to be, always THANK him when you wake up in the morning for another great day of living life. Always say a prayer at night time for the new days to come to be better and much fruitful than the past ones. Always keep a positive attitude since life is never what we expected but try hard to make the best of it regardless. I believe you are a superior sentient being on earth therefore you have the power and potential not only to create happy lives for others but also to help other beings. All humans regardless of race, creed, color, or believes have a creative ability and it is important for you to realize this.


Cultivate yourself and qualities you poses this will give you the edge to move forward in life, help others, and “keep positive thoughts”, make honesty your allied and kindness your friend and this will make your life more meaningful and happy; this simplistic advice and a little bit of effort on your part I am certain you will find the way to greatness.


Keep in mind my friendsContinuity”, “Perseverance”, “Endurance” they will be key to achieve your goals and aspirations whatever they maybe. Always keep in mind to do what makes you happy; what pleases you, what you like, what you dream about and what inspires you, only than you will become successful and a better person. Share your knowledge with those that need it and can benefit from, this will make you a greater man and will bring you much satisfaction.


Remember that inner happiness is not determined by material things, circumstances or sensual gratifications, it depends ONLY on your mind and the most vital thing is to recognize how important this kind of happiness really is. Remember to always be yourself, be honest, be kind, and speak only the truths and you always will be the GREAT MAN YOU ARE”.





John Bisner-Springfield, NJ-USA.