It’s Thanksgiving… It’s a time for thankfulness, sharing, and spreading happiness. Wish all your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving with all my heart. We never know when we will need the help, and you feel great knowing you made a difference. We all can definitely make a difference, and change someone’s life by reaching out and helping. Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Good Will whether it is Spontaneous, or it is planned to cherish the joys of festivity; such practice will bring you much happiness and fulfillment.


Reach out with a warm & traditional wish to everyone you know! May you have more reasons to be thankful? Reflect on this and you will realize that when you spread joy, happiness, and open your heart to help others less fortunate a new world and level of consciousness revels to you. I wish for my entire family and friends to share this holiday together around the same table. And for all of you to be reminded of what really counts and what remains important, no matter what our circumstances and what life brings. Be grateful and enjoy the plentiful around us.

MR.B. Smile