Connecting to a Wireless Network


To search for and connect to a wireless network:


Right-click the wireless network connection icon in your taskbar, as shown in Figure 2, and then click View Available Wireless Networks.


Figure 2


The Wireless Network Connection dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 1. If no networks appear, click Refresh Network List in the upper-left corner.


Choose a network by clicking on its name, and then click Connect.


If the network is security-enabled and the hotspot does not support Windows Provisioning Service, Windows XP prompts you to enter a key.


Windows XP will briefly change the network’s connection status to Acquiring Network Address, and then to Connected. You can now close the Wireless Network Connection dialog box.

If it continues to show Acquiring Network Address and the network is security-enabled, you probably made an error in entering the key. After you connect to a network, Windows XP automatically adds the network to your Preferred Networks list, as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3

You may accidentally connect to a neighbor’s network and want to make sure you connect to your own instead. (This is a common issue mentioned in the Wireless Networks newsgroup.) You can move your home network to the top of the Preferred Networks list. To edit this list, click Change the Order of Preferred Networks in the Wireless Network Connection window.