How to Connect to Wireless Network with Windows XP

These instructions must be completed while in an area that is covered by the “COMPANY” Wireless Network. Right click on the wireless network connection icon on the Windows task bar.


Left click on "View Available Wireless Networks."


Select COMPANY NAME Wireless from the Available Wireless networks box.


Check the box Allow connection to a secure network. (Company)
Note: The Gold pad lock on the connection name.


Click the button that says connect.

You may be asked to enter the WEP Encryption key for the Company networkXX?XXX??X

The wireless network connection icon should now show the connection.


Open Internet Explorer and attempt to visit a webpage.

You are now connected to the COMPANY Wireless Network.


If for some reason you can not connect check for the following things:

·          Make sure the cables on the router are plugged in and the lights are on. Refer to pictures on this document to better assist you.

·          Make sure the power outlet is connected to power and NOT unplugged.

·          Make sure the Comcast router is connected, cables are not unplugged and lights are on.


Hope this document can help you and make it easier for you to connect and manage your office or home network.