Put an End to Low Conversion Rate


If you have a website my name is John Bisner, Marketing Director at “Bisner Consulting ServicesBCS-LLC focuses its efforts into providing quality advertising campaigns for middle-size businesses:

– CPC (starting as low as $0.03/per click)
– CPM (starting as low as $0.40/per mile)
– CPA (starting as low as $0.35/per action)

Your website came to our attention because it has great potential for attracting potential leads. This is why I would like to propose a custom Advertising Campaign to you, as I think we can meet your needs.

However, our prices are negotiable, depending on these 2 main factors:

a) how big your advertising budget is
b) how many targeted visitors you need

In order to give you a precise quote about our discounts and prices, you need only send us your answers to the following questions:

1. What is your budget?
2. What is the price that you would like to pay per click or per mile?

Please keep in mind that we only charge one price for all type of visitors, regardless of the targeted industry, and our prices start as low as 2 cents per click.

I am available in case you have any questions and I am looking forward to your reply.



John Bisner
BCS-LLC Director –

Bisner Consulting Services

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