Writing or talking about Terrorism is an emotional and sensitive subject.  To define this word and its true meaning we need to understand its complexity. Terrorism is nothing new; it has been around for many years. In my eyes terrorism is a cowardly, horrific attack against innocent people. It is carryout by those which only purpose, hidden agenda and intention is to inflict terror, pain with extreme violence in the population of a country with a set stage…


Unfortunately horrific terrorist attacks have existed around the world for quite some time and the implications with set stages are many ranging from Social, State, Nuclear, Bio, Cyber, EcoSyst, Narco and Financial Terrorism. These types of terrorism have certain things in common such the extreme violence, careful planning, infliction of massive fear, intention and purpose of attack, set stage and audience. The only difference between various terrorist attacks is the people involve, its purpose, and how or when it is carry out.


In my eyes I consider Terrorism as the rudest gorilla tactic technique planned in advance with criminal activity implications without any remorse or regarding for human life. Such act is stage to intimidate people, a government or country by coercion, fear, assassination or even kidnapping. Usually terrorist groups are small with ideological followers that want a dramatic change in government by carrying out bloody acts hoping to gain power and influence because of their acts; a vivid example of this is the Palestinian Government today and Hezbollah.


What Terrorist group-organizations such: ETA, Hezbollah, Farc, and the KKK desire and look for is to create and inflict fear in the civilian population so the leadership and security of the country is questioned; the terrorist look for an audience or set stage such ethnic group, a religious group, or entire country (TV Media- the Internet) to experience far reaching fear.  Like I mentioned before there are different types of terrorism and they have been defined and studied by government officials, lawmakers, psychologist, security professionals and scholars for some time now. These types differ according to what kind of attack agents an attacker uses (biological, cyber) or by what they are trying to defend (as in ecoterrorism).


Domestic and international global terrorist groups have flourished; one clear example of this is “ALQUEDA” the Base, a modern highly trained and hostile group that uses techniques such as hijacking, bombing, gorilla tactics, diplomatic kidnapping and assassination to assert their demands and, for the first time, they appeared as real threat to Western world, in the view of politicians, law makers, law enforcement and civilians they are a clear threat to democracy and our way of living as well.


Social-Terrorism:  is an act long used to call the attention to political and social causes. Terrorists with social causes seek to change a specific policy or behavior. Social terrorists attempt to force their beliefs on the general population, ethnic, religious and political groups. This practice is intelligently carry out by the master minds of the terrorist organizations by teaching, preaching and professing their beliefs by creating doubt and distrust in the general public against their government and social way of living. Such practice is accomplished by a constant teaching discipline of these organizations to propagate and further their cause in churches, town-halls, political groups, student groups, special foundations, families, TV-Media diffusion, and the Internet.  Like I mentioned before, the only objective of social terrorism is to change the mind set and logical-social and pathological thinking of the masses to derail peace, democracy and social living as we know it today to follow the path of radical thinking and the chaos of terrorism, fear and constant war.

Estate-Terrorism: several definitions of terrorism could restrict it to acts by non-state actors, but people today may argue that states can, and have, been terrorists. A good example of such acts it is Nazi-Germany during WWII. States can use the threat of force without declaring war to terrorize its citizens and neighborly counties to achieve their political or ideological goals. How Hitler ruled Nazi-Germany has been described in this way by history itself. Also humanity could argue that states participate in international-global terrorism, often by proxy. It is considered that Iran is the most prolific sponsor of terrorism because Iran arms groups, such as Hezbollah in the Middle East and Farc in South America-Venezuela-Hugo Chavez, that help carry out its foreign policy-and-political objectives to destabilize a region or country. It is known that terrorist- sponsorships had been given to Nicaraguan Contras and Salvadorian terrorist gangs in Central America.

Nuclear-Terrorism:  is one of the most chaotic-cataclysmic of destruction any civilization could ever experience with negative and profound implications in the lost of human life. There are different ways nuclear materials might be exploited as a terrorist gorilla tactic of mass destruction to inflict terror and panic in the general population of a nation. Such techniques could include attacking nuclear facilities, purchasing nuclear weapons, or building nuclear weapons or otherwise finding ways to disperse radioactive materials in a metro area, state or country.

Bio-Terrorism: Bioterrorism is the intentional domestic (Irak-Kurts) or global release of toxic biological agents to harm and terrorize civilians in the name of a political or religious cause. The following viruses, bacteria and toxins have been classified as agents that could be used in a Bio-attack. Biological Diseases of category A are those most likely to do the most damage if such attack is carried out; but another way such action would cause and inflict the most terror and traumatic fear is if such components are combined with nuclear power creating a bio-nuke terror worldwide.

·         Anthrax (Bacillus anthracis)

·         Botulism (Clostridium botulinum toxin)

·         The Plague (Yersinia pestis)

·         Smallpox (Variola major)

·         Tularemia (Francisella tularensis)

·         Hemorrahagic fever, due to Ebola Virus or Marburg Virus


Cyber-Terrorism: I am a Network Security professional and if anyone understands the power of Cyber- terrorism and its catastrophic implications in our lives is myself. Cyber-terrorist use information technology to attack civilians (Identity Theft) and draw attention to their cause. This means that terrorist use information technology (I.T.), computer systems, telecommunications, and the internet as a tool to orchestrate and carry out highly technical network attacks against government, financial institutions, corporations, and the military and general public. Often, cyber terrorism is an attack on information technology itself in a way that would radically disrupt or cease networked services such emergency systems or hack into networks housing critical financial information such Wall Street. With the Internet and technology nowadays the array of possibilities of such highly threat and destruction by cyberterrorists is likely eminent and something our government should not discard. Today more than ever civilians must be much vigilant and aware of surroundings even when or moreover if implicates the wire of communication WWW… 



Eco-Terrorism: is a new term use to explain and describe violence in the interest of Mother Nature and environmentalism. Generally, environmental extremists or terrorist sabotage property to inflict economic damage on industries by harming animals or the natural environment without disregard to fulfill a goal or accomplish a cause. Some examples are fur companies, logging companies, oil companies and animal research laboratories.



Narco-Terrorism: Narcoterrorism has had several meanings but once denoted violence used by drug traffickers to influence governments or prevent government efforts to stop the multi-billion drug trade. In the last several years, narcoterrorism has been used to indicate situations in which terrorist groups use drug trafficking to fund their other operations thru Gangs and militant groups. Such examples are the Salvadorian Mara Salvatrucha in Central America and the USA, el CARTEL del GOLFO in Mexico and the FARC militant guerrilla group in South America (Colombian-Venezuelan) borders. This type of terrorism implicates political leaders, corporation and foundation leaders, police and military leaders and last but not least religious radical leaders that share the same terrorist views and ideology without the regard for human life but political-economical gain.

Financial-Terrorism: There is much we can say today about the obvious regarding financial terrorism. One of the things that struck me is the massive transfer of wealth and US funds to international banks without strict regulations or further investigations regarding where the monies come from and for what purpose and also where the money is going to fund what cause.  I do not understand why if we investigated Manuel Noriega from Panama for trafficking and money laundry why can we pay more attention to what goes on Wall Street and many other financial institutions and foundations “Public-or-Religious” to avoid the pretty financial pickle we are in today. Monies deposited in Banks and special accounts without accountability or clear statement of where about and purpose raise a red flag in my mind such example is the money in banks the terrorist use for 911 air plane flying training.


These terrorists had a bank account with over $50 thousand US dollars deposited in USA Banks without any disclosure where the money came from. Another issue with money accountability is “Out-Sourcing” and Wall Street “Short-Selling of Stocks” for large profits without US-Control systems to regulate where the capital is going to. Therefore many US corporations opt for this sort of mechanism to save billions of US dollars for the company and its executive’s enrichment.


These companies do not pay or are not responsible for employee insurance, competitive salaries, taxes, workers compensation, pension plans and God only knows what else which translates in billion dollar industry and capital gains for the few and catastrophic monetary and job lost for US citizens since the wealth transfer moves over seas and international bank accounts without much regulation or control by the USA government. Think about this and go figure why we are in financial chaos never less the real estate melt down and Wall Street financial disaster add up and does not help our economy but other Middle Eastern Countries including Saudi-Arabia and the Bin Laden Family.


The root of our financial disaster and melt down is simple but nothing more than bad debt, unsecured mortgages and loans to people that could not afford it, irresponsible handing out of monies to unfit borrowers by US companies, banks, and other institutions who should have known better but for their greed, their criminality, and the lack of effective overriding controls systems put us in this terrible situation we are in today.


I cannot believe that lenders were allow to made their commissions, their profits, had a heyday with the housing bubble until it burst around them and nobody handed back a dollar as the debt paper hit the fan and began to infect our economy bringing down to its feet. Such negligence makes our country and economy vulnerable to foreign hands with the cash to do as they please in such fragile state. Much of these issues have to do with “ALQUEDA” the terrorist organization with the leadership, elaborated plan, master minds and sufficient funding worldwide that swore DEATH TO AMERICA; no longer terrorism means blowing up bombs and the cry for Allah.


MR.BAngryBaring teeth