Today was history in the making not only for the United States of America but for humanity as well. Today the Globe watched a “DREAM” come true and with much emotion and admiration observed the rebirth of a New America, a country that knows how to adapt to change and to evolve in times of adversity to overcome difficult times.  Much has been said about the USA through the world, something’s are very negative and others are positive but in all honesty the USA posses a rich quality and diverse culture with the best people this world can offer and exactly that uniqueness is what makes this country such a great nation of opportunity and equality for all.


Today there is no doubt in my mind that “Democracy” works specially when people united as one cry for “Change” and make their best effort to protect, cultivate, fight or even die for what is right and what they believe is best for all as a common goal; so make no mistake with our nation regardless of what some conceive us to be just remember that “UNITED WE STAND” as one nation fighting to protect our democracy, freedom and world peace.


The stakes are high and the expectations are many but with a nation’s mind set to “CHANGE”, “HOPE”, and “POSITIVE RESOLUTION” there is nothing we can not accomplish united. The American people are skillful and known for endurance, continuity and giving hearts; such qualities are hard to find in a volatile world today.   The United States of America has come a long way to overcome many obstacles that could of melted governments, deter nations, make religions collide and set people apart; such things we see much in the world today but the USA and its diverse culture uniqueness makes this nation the world leader it is today.


Whatever I think of politics, and decision making I feel Barrack H. Obama is certainly one of the most charismatic and extraordinary leaders and human beings of the 21th century. Almost as iconic as our sixteenth founder father “Abraham Lincoln” and with support of the most enduring political dynasty ever (JFK-Family); his strength of conviction and resolution is as absolute as Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I HAVE A DREAM speech. I am certain the forty fourth president of the United States will lead his country through a responsible era of change, economical growth and peace we all deserve and hope for.