Thinking and Meditating of Life…!



Like any normal person, there I was sitting in the comfort of my living room sofa doing what I do not usually do; I was meditating or what many of you would call day dreaming. Often I ask myself many questions over and over with the same frustrating results of non common sense. I continue to search for the answers that could make sense and I wonder if ever I will be able to get them.  I would like to understand the reason why we are here, whom is our mighty creator, and the purpose of our very own existence.


During my meditation I wonder “What If?!!!” Heaven & Earth are the same place but in a different dimensions and times. For many centuries mankind have explored and tried to explain “Evolution”. We learned through time, that scientist and the clergy do not share the same opinions and it has been impossible to have them make at their minds when it comes to our creation, heaven, evolution, life and living as we know it today.


Scientist say that we are “matter that transform into energy” – or – “Matter is what we all are, and energy is what we will become”, religion tell us that a supreme higher being “GOD” created us from dust and dust we will become when we die or past to another life. Understanding evolution is not a coincidence neither a religion nor science, but something far beyond anything we can comprehend even today. Maybe it is a celestial believe of greatness, love, happiness, trust and faith, so religion says. Scientists tell us that life is a cycle that evolves constantly without stopping, understanding it, holds the key to all of our questions and answers we are seeking and searching for. Everything in the Universe is energy; is that energy what we all attract and vibrates at particular frequencies that could be bad from wrong, negative to positive or good or evil.


We know that when we died we go six feet under ground and that is it, it is the end. We believe dying is the end of life, physically that maybe correct according to scientist, but religion teaches us that we do not die we pass onto a better life and to a higher place. GOD loved us so much that when he created us, he knew he must sacrifice his own existence so his creation continue living on; therefore he died in the cross to save us, so we could endure and live forever as his image and beloved creation.


What we still do not understand is “we do not die” we pass on, we humans evolve; we leave matter that forms our body to transcend into a higher energy force and unique celestial experience. This transformation and process will guide us to experience something we always search for “The Pursuit of Happiness”. The answers to “Who we are, why we are here, what is our purpose” are yet to be answered. People come and go, some may walk into our lives for a reason or purpose; others just pass by. We believe that there is a reason and purpose for our existence here on earth; regardless if the reason or purpose is negative or positive, the truth is that whatever we do, lies on how we do it and what really matter is the “intention-purpose”. Why we do things the way we do, will have a domino impact on us, our society and world we live in.


Certainly, humanity has forgotten the humble teachings of “Jesus” such “Love one another”. It seems to me that we have created a new delusional world to escape from all of that we can not control and understand. This world is what we see today and in many ways, do not like, a world of chaos, destruction, and wars we can’t control, stop or end.  So much is wrong today, and we are not trying hard enough to make things right, yet still there is so much good we could do and work on to make the world a better place for all. We should put aside our petty differences such hate, negativity, racism, religion and discrimination; all of these things we created on our own, unfortunately such things are leading us to our very own destruction.


I feel we need to find a common ground and go back to basics and simplicity. We need to start accepting one another for what we truly are, what we believe, and start respecting the difference of opinion and points of view of one another to coexist in this world. We need to work on solutions that work on everyone’s advantage and best interest. We need to learn to apply these solutions in ways that are beneficial to all of us; after all we are ONE Creation, One Race, and “We are all HUMANS”. 


In a world full of discrimination and criticism dated back to our ancestors and beginnings of creation; it would be very interesting to think about what if GOD is not what we think is? What id God is not what we believe is? Or “What If God was Black, Hispanic, Chinese, or Hindu!!!? Think about what if we have discriminated against any of these races –or “one-another”; so when we die and go to heaven passing through to a better life and  when we get there our God is just the image or race we discriminated against; would not that be something!!?. O.M.G!!! How would you feel than? Certainly I will be speechless..!


So with that in mind, if we think about God being black, we can possibly say and think that maybe-just maybe the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross was or could of being an act of discrimination towards what we are not willing or neither ready to accept and embrace.  We think this phenomenon has been abolished but history shows evidence over and over to be other wise. Some times it is easier to just close our eyes and let this pass by, to let things happen without consequence; many of us think that it is easier to cover the sun with a thumb; the problem with that is that there is a burning still flaming inside and if we do not find a solution to everyone’s like and acceptance the results will be chaotic.  What if everything we all were led to believe is just a big “lie”, manipulated to deceive us all to serve someone else’s purpose or plan. 


I believe that the human brain creates fears that lock our minds in a state of “Freezing” these fears clouds our minds and thoughts and way of thinking not letting it open up to see clearly what is in front of us. The human brain is very powerful and yet humans do not fully understand the secrets within.  Like “Epicureans” I believe humans live for the pleasures of life and forget to live life to its fullest and for what it is really worth. Human nature is to bank and invest on richness on earth but never for a moment think to invest in their possible heavenly life after death.


We think that happiness is richness, gold, money, and indulge in materialism, therefore we forget the true meaning of life and living.  We do not stop to think neither reflect on” Why are we here, where are we going, or where life as we know it today will take us”; I guess we have all the answers to all of our questions but do we have the will and power to change what we created wrong into what maybe a peaceful and perfect world. We know that nothing is perfect, only God is, but if he created us to his very own image why not think or believe that if humans set their minds to it , we can make anything great and positive happen and possible for man kind.  People worry very much about materialism in their lives on earth but do not think to invest in the richness of “Heaven” by doing as many good deeds as possible here on earth.


God vividly portrayed his image in his unique and only son “Jesus” but in the chaos of life and depiction of living, we brought him to crucifixion. He loved us so much, he believed in us and the only way to save us was to die in the cross for us, given his flesh, blood and soul to purify and pardon our sins.

God, through his son Jesus Christ became the greatest communicator of all times, the mystery, the enigma, the missing piece of the puzzle and link to eternity and happiness we all are searching for.


I believe that there is much more to life than just living. I guess living as we know it today it is a step forward in the right direction, a continuation in the process and transition of the life cycle, a step towards the large spectrum of life. Life is more than breathing, it is deeper than skin color, it is more than a religion, and life is trust, love, believing and faith in the making. Trusting in God, believing in Him, having faith, and practicing and following his doctrine will bring us closer to salvation and eternal life. I believe the flame of God shines in our souls, beats in our hearts and lives in our bodies, the difference is in what we choose to do with it and how we choose to manage ourselves. I do not think history was written, I feel human kind writes its own destiny and history. For centuries, we find writings in walls, caves, manuscripts, books and paintings that display an image or words that tell and show a story of our history.


If God created us, how is it that God can revel himself to us, how is it that he chooses to talk to some of us in our dreams, in visions and many other odd ways? What If, according to the book of life, God lives in all of us, how is that possible? But what if, the miracle of life was implanted and set deep inside all of us, in a place we humans could never find neither understand, a place that the only way to reach it is with true Faith and Believe, something yet we need to learn and discover. What if, within our brain and soul lie the profound secrets of life itself and eternal living. I say the brain, because our mind is complex and a great place capable of so much yet not understood; our soul because it is the centre of our existence, our faith and believe, yet never seen or found but we know deep inside, it is there.  “Liquid water is one of the greatest Universe elixirs of life secrets…without it our existence would not be possible”…Think about that!!!


Deep inside our minds there are clues, thoughts imbedded and encrypted in ways only God can decode and comprehend yet some of us are chosen to see and carry the message to those that choose to be blind as bats. The human soul is a secret and holy place. It is the axis where everything evolves and continues around it. It is the beginning and the end; it is the point of departure and arrival of our existence. Yet if we find it through true faith and believe, we will be able to take a step closer to the reason and sole purpose of our existence. I strongly believe that there is a God inside all of us, we all are very capable of doing amazing things and carry on his legacy humbly and proudly; but we are too arrogant, foolish, and blind too see it and we are afraid to embrace it. It is always been difficult to accept what we do not understand or can explain, we choose to make silly excuses that never make sense and are unbelievable anyway, that is so much easier to do and let pass by.


Within the human soul lies a powerful force, a source of ignite energy that lives and burns forever deep inside all of us. Such enigma it is yet to be explain and found, just like the fountain of youth, but it is within itself that the secrete of God lies and awaits to be discovered. We assume and take for granted so many things, but never take the time to think and meditate, never take the time to ask more questions and search for the correct answers. Only those that break the barriers of being afraid, shame, different religion, or simply not believing can get in touch with their selves and the little child inside, in touch with our own God and creator through pure faith and believe; in other words, What if, by doing so we find a connection within ourselves that will lead us to a place of tranquility, peace, love, happiness and to God.


What if, when we do that we can connect to that powerful force that will drive us to discover that special place we all are searching for call heaven, the promise land, a wonderful place for eternal life.  What if, such events show only on those minds that are clear of shady thoughts, anger, hate, disbelieve, What if, that place is here, right in front of our own eyes but we are too blind to see it or discover it, What if, it is here right now and we are destroying it, and what if, we are foolish enough to not care for it.


I feel that God was so clever and mighty, loved us so much that even when he created us to image he knew from the very beginning that just like children we will have so much to explore, learn and create. Therefore in the process God created perfection in living, evolution and life cycle, he knew that regardless whatever mistakes mankind created due to his imperfection and lack of understanding and believing; life will always find its way, will always re-invent itself, and will continue evolving without stopping. The process of life and its cycle is so perfect that even when we -humans try to understand it, figured it out, or explain it, we get closer to never find the answers we seek. Some things are better left alone, let them take its natural course and let it be. Such enigmatic force, mystery and forever secret will only show in those free and open minded people with clear and pure thoughts and a true fervent faith that goes beyond believing.


Needless to say, humanity has taken many wrong turns, endless directions to conflict and chaos, such course must change if we do not want to face self destruction.  Even when hypothetically we tend to believe that we will prevail and endure to the end, even when history shows that life will continue and find its course, why do we chose the path of darkness and chaos. Why is it that we continue to deceive ourselves, challenge the impossible for the wrong ideals, why is it that we chose war over peace, why is it that we chose hate over loving one another, why is it that we prefer suffering and crucifying ourselves and existence over life and living happily. What triggers all of these non-senses and the horrible reality we all live in today?!! Are all of these killings and racially motivated events necessary for our existence?!! The answer is simply NO, why is it so hard for us to stop and put an END to it?


We are doing way opposite to the Bible teachings such”loving one another”; it seems to me that we miss-interpreted God’s word and changed them into” killing and hating one another to the END” if that is the case, it could become a very sad truth. In the other hand, What if, God tried hard to makes us aware of all of these things, but we are too deft to hear him, blind to see it and read it. What if, he took it upon himself to preach it to you? He thought and instructed his disciples to continue to spread his word, and we never listened. What if, he commanded them to write it so his teachings and word continue from generation to generation? What if, God chose to guide us, protect us and save us; why is it than that we, his beloved creation chose not to follow, listen and obey him. This seems to me like the story of the Father and the Son; where father is always telling his son what to do; he guides him towards the correct direction, and will give his life to save him but the son his blood and flesh chose to disobey, not to listen and neither to follow. Why is it so hard for us to follow simple directions that could guide us to a better life and way of living?


In so many occasions I wonder about this and even through meditation and day dreaming I tried to figure it out but it may not be that simple. Religion teaches us that the book of life the “BIBLE” has all the answers we all are searching for; the problem is that this book has been torn apart and manipulated by many to the point where translations are not accurate testimony of the true meaning of the words written in the gospels and other books that form this great book and testament of our existence and humanity. The Bible is a unique and oldest master piece ever to be written by our kind. It is a perfect compelling of scripts of astounding and astonishing interpretations of gospels, books and stories daring for us to keep alive the search for the meaning of our very own creation and existence.


Its inspiring passages and unconventional ways to tell stories of truth and emotionally approach to many volatile issues, the Bible illustrates the true history of Christianity and portraits God’s life through out our evolution, life and existence. Therefore, if we all are children of God, I guess it is saved to say that he sees us with the same eyes we see our very own children no matter what. Regardless of good or bad, evil and good, color, religion, believes, mistakes, or triumphs; they are still our children and own creation for that same reason we will always be willing to do anything and whatever it takes to guide them in the correct direction, anything to save them and keep them from harms way.


The way I see it, is simple and it is exactly what God tried to do, did and continue doing. So if we are a reflection of God’s image we tend to imitate him in many ways but we do not realize it. I guess part of the big scheme of things and life cycle is to “Never give in, and continue to pursuit happiness with our heart, faith and soul”. The history of mankind has thought us that we are extraordinary beings that continue to evolve, survive, learn and adapt to changes regardless conditions. Through out the toughest times humanity continue to demonstrate its strong will to live life moving forward and coupling with God’s creation in the making and the cycle of evolution that never stops its cause and course.


Trying to understand all of these can be confusing and scary sometimes, just like living life it self. What if, we supposed to come together as one, just like what the Bible says? This tells me that if we- humans are supposed to be as one without diversity, different languages, religions, countries, no barriers, no color,   discrimination, neither killing or wars, this will be heaven on earth, and eternal paradise.  We will become one race, the human race and God’s perfect creation.


Let us think about it for a moment, what if, the book of life “the BIBLE” and the Koran are two holy books in one. Two books that talk and preach the love of God without boundaries of faith or believe; open books that describe our existence, creation and reason of being without perjures, but with humility and simplicity. What if, these two books were just like the two commandment tables? And like we know one of them broke and was destroyed forever, maybe the purpose of our God was to only have one table of guides, rules for life that we humans could follow so he decided to only commit to one table with 10 simple rules to live life.

What if these two books are simply one, but interpreted in different ways for different creeds, purpose or reasons. Curiously enough, the Koran and the Bible are not much different, they both teach the love of God, they preach loving one another like blood brothers, they teach us to accept people for what they are, they both preach humility and simplicity, and they both talk about a supreme being which we call different names but essentially mean the same.  They both talk about respecting and believing in God and loving his creation.


As far as I’m concern, maybe I am wrong about all of these, or we may have different opinions, points of view which we need to accept and respect anyway.  Since the times of the crusaders Christians and Muslims have fought for what they both believed in, their faith. Even during hardship and war, humans have the amazing capability of reasoning; it is this unique ability what sets us apart from other animals. Is that amazing capability and ability to reason what humans use as an instinct to survive during the most difficult times. Even when we know that believe and faith are the two hardest things to overcome, Muslims, Christians, Kings, Pharaohs and Political Leaders had made decisions critical to preserve their kind, believes and own faith. Christianity and Islam-Muslim creed are the two largest religions practice by humanity since we can remember. During ancient times when these two worlds collided during a struggle of power, religion, creed and misguided faith believes a terrible war broke up for many years.


In order to stop destruction and massive killings, rulers at that time decided to in order to preserve their existence both sides agreed upon splitting the book of “LIFE” in two, Christians took one half and called it “the BIBLE” and Muslims took the other half and called it “KORAN”. Both religions took their side of the holy book to a secrete place where it would be save and guard it for life. Both books were translated according to best fit each side religion believes and faith. Like I said before, curiously enough these translations are not much different from one another, but we always tent to mis-interpret and mis-guide its true meaning.


As I understand it, both books as one, is meant to teach, talk and spread the love of God for us and one another; somewhere along the lines, missed-in translations or maybe time erased our ability to simply read and understand God’s teachings and why he died in the cross for. The message in each and every page of these books faded and lost the impact that was supposed to create and portrayed in each one of us. Needless to mention, these teachings became somewhat unreal to humanity and interpreted to the advantage of those with personal and political agendas, blinding us from the reality of living life as God would wanted us to.


Some religions and churches use the words of God to mislead their followers and to make them believe in something that was never meant to be just to take advantage of their good hearts and souls to increase the church’s capital gain.  I believe we need to go back to basics, simplicity and practicing humility, something probably none of us do anyway. Today’s world confusion and complexity has us wrapped around in a way that it is difficult to let go, to trust, and to believe again. It is to this extend that is very hard for mankind to re-gain their own faith in God and what we believe on.


We have forgotten so much and recall so little that is the sad and a terrible truth. By humanity choosing to continue neglecting and ignoring God words and teachings, we forgotten to live life like it was meant to be since the very beginning of time.  I believe God wanted us to live a life of peace, tranquility, and simplicity, for that same reason when he created the world and life on earth; he made sure that everything that we ever need was going to be provided by Mother Nature and for us to take. It is disappointing that we continue to destroy our planet and creations by choosing the wrong path and continuously doing the opposite of what we have been thought. Our arrogance blinds our ability to see the real scope of life and what is all about, needless to say it also locks the human ability to understand and interpret the mind, the brain and the “Book of Life” or as we call it, the “BIBLE”. Many could say that we forgotten about God itself, and if that is true that simply means that we forgotten about our very own existence and purpose of being what we are.


What if, God forgot about us just like we forget about him, what this world would be like, what would be of ourselves and existence, how would we live? If that would be the case or scenario can you imagine life and the world as it is or worse? I believe even when we forgot him, and what he sacrificed his son for and the true meaning of his eternal love for us, I feel like we are his master piece and portrayed image therefore he will always be there for us regardless the situation, hardship or happiness. Even though I strongly believe in God and Jesus Christ, and know that he loves us, and that he allowed his beloved son to died in the cross to pardon mankind sins and purify of souls; I am not certain if we will have that luxury again, a second chance is very difficult to believe unless humanity starts taken the correct steps in the right direction. Than, and maybe only than we could have a shot or chance to salvation and not self destruction. Humanity must wake up and start seeing again, what if, a blind bat could take the bible and read it, what if a dog could understand it better than we do, or maybe what if a monkey can make more sense of it than we do; why is it so hard to believe and have faith? Why we can’t do this? Is it that we choose not to? Because we think and feel it is easier.


I wonder about this a lot; I ask myself what is it? Is it pure arrogance, stupidity, simply none sense, hypocrisy or simple ignorance on our part. What is it? What if our race is not ready yet or prepare to discover the sole reason of our existence and why or whom put us here and for what purpose?

What if our kind has not yet reached a level of intelligence, intellect to understand and explain all of these questions adequately? What if understanding our brain and mindsets is the key to beginning to understand our complex selves or unlock the deep mysteries within our brain. What if, we need to clear our mind, thoughts and cleanse of bodies of impurities to be able to recognize a divine power beyond our wildest dreams and imagination; What if, all of these is possible and yet we choose to ignore it because our fears and lack to explain the unexplainable.


What if, in mysteries the truths is best unsaid and undiscovered; history continues to write about our existence and the mysteries that surround us, the life cycle continues and evolution will never stop. Living life as we know it will state its course, humanity may endure regardless what happens or what the outcome of changes maybe. Life creation will continue and will always find its way; it will never fade, stop, died or End.  Life will continue doing what God’s creation was meant to do and exactly what he set it up to be, a continuation of events and changes that will sustain life as we know it today, it may change, adjust and trans form but life will continue to evolve, grow, develop, reproduce over an over, some species maybe died but many others will emerge continuing the link and cycle of our existence and life in planet earth.


Still we have so much to learn, questions to ask, answers to search for, and hope to seek for. I am still trying to imaging and coupe with the idea of not dying. It is that fear that all human beings have and experience from time to time. The thought is so dark and scary that when I think about it, it feels a step closer to the end of my existence; in many occasions these fears and thoughts do not allow me to fall asleep. We are always afraid to die but what if, in stead of dying the human body looses its energy and transforms it to higher power that will elevate to a different dimension and time they once lived before. A three-dimensional place faraway from our imagination, wildest dreams and comprehension; a place of peace, unity, simplicity, tranquility and abundance. What if, this is a step closer to cross over to the continuation of life in heaven, the promise of eternal life we all seek for; the spiritual place we all dreamed of but never seen, a place of love and pure happiness.  A place without wars, hate, racism, hypocrisy, persecutions, envy, egoism, and killing rather a place where we find ourselves, and can be one body united in harmony, love, pureness, and positive energy that brings together our universe as one source of power.


What if, such places exist but it is in a different dimension and time zone that we do not have recollection or knowledge of. What if, a three-dimensional world is out there but only accessible to those that transcend to a better life? Such place of greatness would be the ideal world or heaven, a refine place where money does not exist, a place where life entitlements are just a thought of the past. Even thought the only thing I have is unanswered questions, I still wonder and search for the answers within my dreams. A mind is a place for fascinating thoughts, and a universe of mysteries waiting to be explored and discovered.  I still believe that each human carries a bit of greatness deep inside their soul but just the few and the brave ignite the fervent power that makes it show, shine and burn. Is this powerful force what keeps us going but we do not understand “How or/and Why” yet?


Humans have evolved and become highly educated beings our mental capacity is far away from reaching the development and capacity to understand the tribal, the inexplicable, the celestial and prophecy.  Even when the human brain is not used to its full capacity, we still poses some levels of comprehension but the complexities revolve around the many mysteries yet to be discovered. The human brain is a complex mass of cells and electric impulses that travel around the brain communicating thoughts, ideas and commands for the brain to decode and execute. Such complexity is far from being understood or discover just yet.


Life is a circle and a cycle where human beings pursuit happiness and struggle to face reality when it strikes them. We tend to make living life harder and more interesting than really is, that is just human nature. Our human nature shows through history and time that our creation and reason of being is base in humility and simplicity and why do not we practice those simple steps? The son of God Jesus Christ tried hard to teach us these simple principals yet today we have not learned. What if, to be successful and achieve greatness in our lives we need to go back to basics, doing what we like, what we feel, what we please, what make us happy and what we were thought in simple ways! Why is it that we continue to complicate our lives and jeopardize our way of living? Why is it that we continue to choose the wrong venues? If we do not change these evils ways, powerful daemons will take over and open the door to the passage to darkness and destruction. If we have the ability to connect to the source but we loose that connection life as we know it today would be so much different.


What if, to find God and everything else we have always searched for, we just need to find ourselves first?

And by reconnecting to the source and creator within ourselves we could find the missing link and power to an eternal and happy life. Remember, extraordinary people are usually “ordinary-humble” nerveless from them we acquire the best “Wisdom”. Let us think about “Jesus” who he was and what he tried to teach us. But like little nutty kids we choose to do the opposite and to not listening. Like powerful “Nicodermus” humans hold the power to within themselves to create their destiny, heaven or Hell, the power to build or destroy, the power to hate and love, the power to give or take away, more over the power to architect and plan their very own future. Therefore you must remember Life is a magnificent journey with much to learn about and do; make sure you choose intelligently and make wisely decisions that will bring you happiness and prosperity.


Be Thankful to God for the gift and privilege of “Life”, whatever you conceive it to be, but never be sinful by taking it away…that could be consider an unforgiving tragedy. Just remember that life is your “very own spot” in the world to live, enjoy and be happy… why destroy it! Also keep in mind that God’s love for his creation is limitless and the privilege of life itself has a beginning and an end, for that same reason makes the best of it always regardless the circumstances.


I have much to be thankful; God has been very good to me. My gratitude is limitless because I have everything a man can ask for, health, abundance, humility, some wisdom, a wonderful family, two beautiful daughters and my better half my wife. My few friends I cherish and from them I learned a lot and celebrated success and happiness together. My wish for you is to focus on gratitude and channel yourself to think, speak and feel gratitude, this way you could transform your energy frequency into the most powerful and highest frequencies of all attracting abundance and gratefulness to your life. Feelings and emotions are the two things humans honestly experience truly.  Wish for something you truly want and desire and give it your heartfelt thanks in gratitude to God now, I am certain by doing so the immutable law of attraction will grant your wish because when it is used correctly it is unfailing in response.


John Bisner



 Mr.B ConfusedThinking