May 13, 2009
President Barak Obama
The White House
Washington, DC

Dear President Obama:

Congratulations on your historic and unprecedented presidential victory. I would like to wish you the best in these very difficult times. I also would like to request that in recognition of the countless immigrant contributions to this country, please use your executive powers to order a cease to the ICE raids that are separating families and causing further instability in our economy.

As you’ve said, we will be judged on what we build, not what we destroy. I agree that certainly we are judge on what we build and accomplishments but also if in the process we neglect to pay attention to the little things that matter greatly such “Family” and in the way we do not do anything to salvage it and destroy it or damage it in anyway; “We will be judged as well”. I believe in building strong high quality communities, families and societies that will contribute majorly in our economic growth, health and social realignment. But if the government continues allowing ICE raids that separate humble and hardworking families I am afraid the results will be chaotic and the impact in our children will be regrettable and unimaginable; something we would not like to bank on.

I am appealing to you as a fellow American that voted for you and believes in “the Eminent Change” our country is undergoing. As a son of an emigrant myself I feel the urge to voice my concern regarding the ICE deportations that separate families and their children. I understand that such task might not be a simple one but impossible either. Our country is suffering enough already and our children should not pay the price for something I am certain we can fix responsibly.
Mr. President, I feel that a person that entered the USA illegally has broken the law and therefore there are consequences. But if this person came to United States looking for a better life for himself or family, like our immigrant fathers and work hard and contribute to our nation by paying taxes, educating himself to become a better person and citizen of our nation; I feel those individuals deserve a chance to become Legal Aliens and later around proud citizens of our country.

But if these people have bad criminal records, don’t contribute to our nation in any positive way, shape or form possible and neither by paying the require taxes, those individuals should be deported to their country of origin immediately. What America needs is the hard working honest immigrants to help us rebuild the nation, our cities, our townships, our society, families, homes and economy. Our nation is a country built by proud remarkable immigrants and those are our roots; why now when their children, “OUR CHILDREN” need our help we hesitate!!…and ought to empower ICE to exercise a law that it is not serving a valuable purpose rather than causing pain and sorrow in the hearts of our own children- our citizens and their families.

I read the letter you wrote to your girls telling them what you wanted for them in their future; I realized that it is the same thing all parents would like happening to their own children all over the United States with the difference that for those families ICE is separating and deporting as you read this letter will not meet the same faith. It is within your power and will to put an end to the ICE separation of families and stop the deportations. I believe in change, and I believe in you, for that same reason I voted for you Mr. President.

I thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and for taking the time to read this letter. It’s encouraging to have, as President of the United States, a man who appreciates and embraces the role of family with open hands and economical innovation and restructure as part of America’s larger role as a world leader, and who wants to stimulate and encourage America’s growth in these areas.

Yours truly,
John Bisner
Springfield, NJ