By creating the right LAWS and hefty penalties our goverment could protect the public and their private information & data from predators on Online and Social Networking sites, chats, forums,and blogs. The goverment agencies could ease the pain and suffer people feel today regarding this hot topic & issue. It needs to be KNOWN that taken anyone’s data, identity or private information without the prior consent of the person “IT IS A CRIME” and punishable by the law. That online phishing, viral marketing practices, malware software distribution, and spyware software practices NEED TO END or be regulated at least.
These practices are costing the public, companies and government millions and the time to ACT and DO something about it is now. Therefore, people need to UNDERSTAND that there are consequences such jail time and hefty fines, until then, these people and predators will not stop doing what they know how to do best and their shady practices…will continue. Right now it is too easy to steel anyone’s ID, use it and run… and they get away with it, but if the honest average citizen makes a mistake or has an accident that person has to pay a big price, and that it is not fair. This MOST STOP, people need help and cannot afford paying services such Life-Lock even when it is the right choice and thing to do to have a little peace of mind. "Remember to exersice common sense" when using the internet and take all precautions to avoid becoming a victim….of such crimes.