Today a friend of mind asked me how to explain to his son to be a "GOOD SPORT". Well handling winning and losing sometimes it is not such an easy task.

If we excursive common sense and practice some basic skills keeping in mind body language which is an important component to identify non-verbal clues that could be engaged in such practice.


Some ways to better handling "LOOSING":


·         Always tell yourself, it is ONLY a game, and there will be other games.

·         Even when you lose a game, you can always win a friendship by being a good sport.

·         To show good to great sportsmanship, tell the other players, "Great GAME “and also say "CONGRATULATIONS".

·         Shake the other players hand ("If Appropriate") and offer to help put the game tools, equipment away.


Just by doing those simple things you show you are a great sport and a good person to share fun times with.


Great ways to handling "WINNING":


·         If you win the game, you can also win new friends by showing good sportsmanship.

·         DO NOT BRAG or show off that you won, "That is a very negative and bad attitude “It is simply WRONG to do.

·         Say "GOOD GAME “to the person who lost or other team players.

·         If others are upset that they lost, remind them that it is just a game and that they might win next time.