There is enough data and scientific studies that suggests and demonstrates that our planet is suffering a mayor climate shift with catastrophic results worldwide. It is our responsibility as reasonable and intelligent beings to take the necessary measures to facilitate the prevention of further destruction of nature and own living environment. It would be very irresponsible on our part to even consider or deny what started happening sometime ago “Tsunamis”, river bank floods worldwide, torrential and mud slides in Central and South America, sea levels rising, lakes drying, drought, fires burning uncontrollably and polar poles melting; “take a pick”?.

Those are just few of the things happening that we cannot and should not turn our attention away from. If we do, the future of our children and the planet we live in will be doomed. There is no conspiracy as many may say; that is the mentality of those with short narrowed vision that does not allow them to see beyond their own tiny noses. We need to work together towards a solution that will benefit us all; we need to create conscientious people to educate us all in the correct ways to alleviate the burden of uncontrolled toxic waste put out and leftover’s by many that simply do not care. We the people need to voice and address this concern before it is too late to rectify the unthinkable. If we do not do this, we will be the only ones to blame for our own destruction and mistakes.

Put in simpler words, think about it as; you live in your home, apartment or condominium, if your living environment is dirty, you clean it to avoid germs, getting sick, bad smells, so it looks good for you, friends and family that visit, and to make it your home, your space that you care for. If we are hoping to live a long and prosperous life, we must wake up and urge our governments, corporations and other agencies to do what is right to preserve nature and its recourses as we know them, before it is too late. So if we do care about cleaning our homes the way many of us do; why is it that we are doing the opposite with our planet “OUR ONLY HOME”; why do not we do anything about it, why do not we care, why do not we lift a finger to do the right thing!!!

We are poisoning our planet considered our green home and natural place of mankind evolution, in other words we are killing ourselves and we do not care; why is that? Why is it that we worry about cleaning our homes but not about cleaning our natural environment, why do you think is that? Is it simply easier to avoid the obvious than acting and working together towards a preventive solution to avoid catastrophe? Are being simply not eve, stupid and reckless? Are we stupid enough to wait for disaster to strike to cry about help and solutions?

I hope we are better than that and to start paying attention to all the warning signs nature has provided in the past few years before it is too late.

Thinking Mr.B