About this project:

NIYI ONI is an Atlanta based Television and Film Director. His most recent trailer for “Four Fifteen” was voted “BEST TRAILER” at the American International Film Festival in late 2010, and he has since been asked to Direct a Television Pilot in August, as well as another feature film in mid-November.

Greetings Movie/Film supporters ! We are in Pre-Production for the action-drama “RAWFOTRA“. People seem to forget that while we are known to be the most advanced and highly intelligent animals on the planet, we are still just that…animals.

Our motivations are derived from basic ideals of curiosity, lust, excitement, and in this case…anger. “RAWFOTRA” tells a story of what happens when the foundations of family get shattered, as a hunger for revenge grows. It explores the darker side of man, and begs the question “Is Love as equally strong as Hate ?”

All donations are GREATLY appreciated, and will be applied toward our 3 week Production and Post-production of this full length feature film. Our Cast and Crew span from the Borough’s of New York and shores of Miami, to the lands of Romania and walls of China .

This professional group of diverse and eclectic artists will collaborate to create this thriller for your entertainment and suspenseful desire. Please enjoy our “Teaser”, and remember…ART IS LIFE.

Thank you again.

I really appreciate your support for this project and the talent of  TICO young actors.

AMEN… John Bisner Urena




Sometimes, what can’t be seen or heard…is reason enough. A Mother’s love can drive a VERY dangerous thing.