I was extremely impressed by “The Fat Boy Chronicles” book. It’s impacting and exciting from start to finish. An amazing, moving story, it’s beautiful to read and I can’t wait to watch the movie. This book and movie will accomplish what so few do these days and it could be regarded as a superb venue in which to review the bullying and obesity issues many students face in schools across America.

Lang Buchanan reveals in the book and film an emotionally and painful story many obese teenagers experience in our society; something so difficult and hurtful that many choose to ignore and not to face. I feel this book and film will be regarded by many as another milestone in the history and art of movie-making, a big eye opening and wake up call to parents, students and educators.

The level of realism achieved is remarkable; it retains its excitement and holds the audience’s attention to the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the movie will not be the exception; I’m certain it will be meaningful, interesting and very remarkable. We all can learn much from The Fat Boy Chronicles. The entertainment and action values on screen will be phenomenal but the human element that dominated the story will be equally superb.

It’s worth the wait–this spectacular blockbuster shows just how good the writers, cast and director truly are. In my humble opinion, the social achievements of this book and film will earn it a very special place in the history of movie making, in our society and hearts. A must read-A must see! It is cool to see a movie where you feel you got more than your money’s worth.

A true test to diversity acceptance, tolerance and “Do not to do to others what others may do to you”!!! Something many simply choose to ignore but should not. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Give this book a read and/or share it with friends and family; “Make a difference, Make a change, and Make someone’s day…Change Your Child’s Future”!!! “Let’s give them something to RAVE About…!!!!


John Bisner