About …

Independent Business Consultant and Writer. Microsoft Network Systems, Health-Care and Business technology solutions are my specialties, and writing and coffee are my hobbies and passion.

John BisnerMy proven management skills and excellent portfolio, many years of experience and accomplishments at the highest levels of success denotes the people’s person I am.

I believe that “Life is a Constant And Never-Ending Improvement that will determine the way we live our lives and conduct our business, therefore, every little change you make as life goes on creates a quantum impact in someone else’s life that will determine how others perceive us”.

I specialize in providing cost effective solutions for: Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Networking, IT Security, Social Media, Onsite Support, Online Virtual Office Services, health services, jobs in the health services industry, networking & marketing.

A key factor to my success is that I never stopped doing what I love, and that is writing and drinking coffee while working with technology and helping people. Part of my passion is helping others build, grow and manage their own business using today’s technology and gadgets in a cost effective manner.

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