9-11 Ten Years Later, When Crimes Against Hmanity & Democracy Succeed!

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Still fresh in my mind is the morning of September 11; when I saw the news I could not believe what was happening at that moment, I thought for a minute another Hollywood action movie, but the reality was a truly unimaginable tragic and horrible crime in the making against humanity, liberty and democracy took place.

Much had been said and done since that day, including the war against terrorism was declared, but the sadden truth is that we all lost something precious on 9-11, “our freedom and tranquility”. Deep inside the lost of so many innocent human lives still hurts.  We demanded a clear and satisfying answer. People thought this answer will come when the criminals were brought to justice.

Ten years later and with millions of dollars spent to catch and murder “Osama Bin Laden” the terrorist and public enemy number one of USA, still many people feel afraid and unsafe from terrorist acts. Many citizens also feel that the intellectual criminal minds behind this tragic crime are still at large and manipulating and covering the media and events that happened on that horrific day.

I feel many things are very shady regarding 9-11. I cannot avoid the question rising in my mind “What is the USA government hiding and covering and why? I cannot express my amazement that why the truth has not already been publicly revealed to the American people and the world.

Our government must admit their inefficiency to protect the American public and the proper way to apply and uphold the law and justice. How could these terrorist in the watch list enter the USA undetected; but ICE worries and waste millions of dollars and resources about the illegal Latinos working hard and producing to better our economy, their lives and a brighter future for their families. (I find this “incredible”), I feel they always look in the wrong direction and spots.

Yes, these people have also broken the law but for most part none of them have killed anyone, yet they pay taxes to the IRS even under their illegal condition. These are the type of hardworking people the USA needs to straighten the fragile economy. I feel the Department of Home Land security should put in-line their priorities and intelligently have better use of their resources and tax money of the American people.

Today, after watching many videos, clips and documentals of the horrible events that happened on 9-11, I cannot stop wondering and questioning who helped the terrorist tailor the perfect demolition crime and catastrophe. A crime of such magnitude could not have happened by the terrorist acting alone, it feels like there is still a loose end. Even with the death of Osama Bin Laden, 9-11 feels and seems like unfinished business.

How could they have large amounts of money in USA bank accounts with having the proper authorities wonder or investigate where the money came from? How could they take flying classes where their interest was taking off and landing of a large aircraft? Why the USA government knowingly withheld intelligence about two of the 9/11 hijackers?

Why did the government hesitated to detain and question the Bin Laden family and allowed them to fly out in a private jet to Saudi-Arabia when the entire USA air-space was closed to civil aviation, not even ex-president George Bush the father was allowed to flight to Washington that day; but yet the Bin Laden’s were granted permission and an military escort back home!…

Many of these questions and much more make me wonder about the 9-11 crime, truths and what our government has been covering and why; in God we trust and the truth revealed shall set us FREE. Those who have gained control of a state in an ostensible democracy have many means not only for orchestrating major crimes, but also for preventing those crimes (including their crimes against democracy itself) from being publicized, that is a terrible reality and sad truth.

It is unacceptable that after ten years the USA “Congress will never mount a real 9/11 investigation”. Only the citizens of the world continue questioning this crime and demand clear verifiable truthful answers that could get a real investigation to lead to prosecutions.

Regardless the time that may take to reveal the names of all criminals that participated in crafting the 911 crimes and catastrophe against humanity and democracy, I assure you the time will come, because you can run but you cannot hide, remember that the truths will always catch up to the lies, it is just a matter of time.

In my personal opinion, the establishment of media and communications just keep getting worse, because permits corruption and manipulation. They’re further and further from good, tough investigative journalism, and more prone to be pawns in complicated shady politics with a dirty and declining economy, a broken justice system and process, and a divided society that permits almost without questionable doubt the dangerous games that affect the public interest in untold ways.

Freedom of expression shall prevail and the truths shall be reveled sooner or later; the criminals will be brought to justice and they will pay for their crimes against humanity and democracy… After ten years later, we still remember and will never forget until justice is served accordingly.

This article was written for TICOVISION

by John Bisner Urena


 septiembre 11


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Como no soñar que te sueño, como no sentirte cuando te toco,

sin quererlo te quiero, como esfumar mi sentir en la dulzura de tus labios,

como derretirme en tu cuerpo como hielo fresco que sacia tu sed,

como no pensarte cuando siempre estas en mi mente como Ángel guardián…!!!!


Sos la guiá del palpito de mi corazón, como no sentirte tan lejos pero tan cerca,

estoy ahí y no se a donde voy, solo deseo que mi pensar termine en ti,

como poder decir te olvido y te olvide en la locura de mi sentir,

anhelo esa ilusión de dos almas gemelas que nunca se apartan,

porque mi pensar es angelical y va  más allá de lo entendible, posible quizás…!!!


Pero al despertar mi mente confusa busca en mis ojos y profundidad de mi alma

ese sublime amor que me atrapa, me encarcela y no deja de pensarte….!!!!

USB VACCINE FOR USB DRIVES (Bilingual Article English-Spanish)

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The Microsoft Windows Operating Systems use the AUTORUN.INF file from removable drives in order to know which actions to perform when a new external storage device, such as a USB drive or CD/DVD, is inserted into the PC. The AUTORUN.INF file is a configuration file that is normally located in the root directory of removable media and contains, among other things, a reference to the icon that will be shown associated to the removable drive or volume, a description of its content and also the possibility to define a program which should be executed automatically when the unit is mounted.

The problem is that this feature, widely criticized by the security community, is used by malware in order to spread by infecting as soon as a new drive is inserted in a computer. The malware achieves this by copying a malicious executable in the drive and modifying the AUTORUN.INF file so that Windows opens the malicious file silently as soon as the drive is mounted. The most recent examples of this are the W32/Sality, W32/Virutas and also the W32/Conficker worm which, in addition to spreading via vulnerability and network shares, also spreads via USB drives.

Due to the large amount of malware-related problems associated with Microsoft AutoRun PANDA have created a free utility for the user community called Panda USB Vaccine.

Computer Vaccination

The free Panda USB Vaccine allows users to vaccinate their PCs in order to disable AutoRun completely so that no program from any USB/CD/DVD drive (regardless of whether they have been previously vaccinated or not) can auto-execute. This is a really helpful feature as there is no user friendly and easy way of completely disabling AutoRun on a Windows PC.

USB Vaccination

The free Panda USB Vaccine can be used on individual USB drives to disable its AUTORUN.INF file in order to prevent malware infections from spreading automatically. When applied on a USB drive, the vaccine permanently blocks an innocuous AUTORUN.INF file, preventing it from being read, created, deleted or modified.

Once applied it effectively disables Windows from automatically executing any malicious file that might be stored in that particular USB drive. The drive can otherwise be used normally and files (even malware) copied to/from it, but they will be prevented from opening automatically. Panda USB Vaccine currently only works on FAT & FAT32 USB drives. Also keep in mind that USB drives that have been vaccinated cannot be reversed except with a format.


Panda USB Vaccine is a 100% free utility. We’ve tested it under Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1-SP3,  and Windows Vista SP0 and SP1. Feedback is always welcomed. Click on the download button below to start downloading.

Command line Operation

For advanced users who wish to run Panda USB Vaccine automatically at boot to notify every time a new USB device is mounted on the system or to perform network-wide computer vaccinations via login scripts or other distribution methods, Panda USB Vaccine can be operated via command-line. Its input parameters are the following:

USBVaccine.exe [ A|B|C|Z ] [ +system|-system ] [ /resident [/hidetray] ]

[drive unit]:     Vaccinate drive unit
+system:      Computer vaccination
-system:        Remove computer vaccination
/resident:      Start program hidden and prompt for vaccinating every new drive
/hidetray:      Hides tray icon when used with the /resident command

To vaccinate USB drives F:\ and G:\, use: USBVaccine.exe F G

To vaccinate the computer, use: USBVaccine.exe +system

To vaccinate computer and prompt for vaccinating every new drive without showing a tray icon, use USBVaccine.exe /resident /hidetray +system

It could be very useful to create a Shortcut in the Startup folder to USBVaccine.exe with this last command line (or without the /hidetray) to make sure that every time you boot the computer USB Vaccine gets loaded by the system and it vaccinates the computer and prompts the user for vaccinating any new non-vaccinated USB drive. However if you do this under Vista, UAC will block it from running at Startup as it requires admin privileges. This will be fixed in future versions.


Como Inmunizar un USB drive para que no se infecte con “Auto-Runs”…!!!

A continuación les hablara de un truco que funciona muy bien para inmunizar tus USB drives- (Llaves Maya- o- Memorias), hemos comprobado su efectividad porque se probó en numerosas ocasiones en diferentes USBs. Después de correr pruebas en varias memorias de diferentes marcas ningún virus se les pudo meter para infectarlas, simplemente siga a continuación el siguiente procedimiento.

Ahora explicare como funciona:

La mayoría de los virus (si no es que todos) infectan la memoria con un documento llamado “autorun.inf” ya que con este documento de bloc de notas es con el que se inician y sin el estarían obsoletos y no servirían de nada este tipo de virus.


1.-Desinfecta tu memoria de cualquier virus y si tu PC también está infectada mejor vete a un ciberinternet (internet publico) donde no tengan virus.

2.-Después de desinfectarla, crea un nuevo documento del bloc de notas con cualquier cosa de contenido, eso no importa, después guárdalo con el nombre de “autorun.inf” y dale en aceptar.

Nota: Debe estar en la raíz del USB o mp3 (ósea que no lo metas en ninguna carpeta o NO tendrá efecto).

3.-Dale clic con el botón derecho del mouse en el documento que creamos y métete en propiedades, ahí activa la casilla de verificación que dice “solo lectura” y guárdalo otra vez.

4.-Si te salió bien aparecerá un icono de un bloc de notas con un engrane, puedes ocultarlo, pero no lo recomiendo ya que así será mas difícil encontrarlo.

5.-Listo!! Ahora cada vez que un virus quiera infectar tu memoria o USB solo aparecerá en la memoria pero sin funcionar ni ejecutarse ni infectarse ni ocultarse, y podremos borrarlo sin problemas, es como si un ladrón entrara a tu casa pero no se robara nada ni rompiese nada y además se quedara ahí para que lo entregáramos a la justicia…

Leer:  http://www.johnbisner.com   (Haz clic en G+1, Tweet me y comparte en FB)



http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150130210329532 (Español USB Antídoto)








La extensión de hablar y buscar en Google-Chrome es rápida e eficiente…!!!

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Parece que fue ayer que escribía acerca de la capacidad impresionante del nuevo Google Chrome. Hoy Google continúa mejorando sus sistemas e integrando aplicaciones que centralizan y facilitan la búsqueda en sus navegadores. Ahora Google Chrome te permite hablar con el navegador por medio de HTML 5.

Esto es un paso más hacia adelante por parte de Google para continuar siendo el favorito y numero #1 para sus usuarios. Un equipo especializado de Google a creado una extensión para Chrome para que funcione en las casillas de búsqueda atreves de  la Web, lo que significa que muchos de los lugares que usted visita en la web se verán beneficiados con el icono de micrófono cuando hagas clic y hables para buscar lo deseado.

Voice Search

Chrome Voice

Esta nueva aplicación trabaja muy bien en Google, Google Chrome,  Bing, YouTube, Hulu y un montón de sitios más, es realmente fenomenal. Esta aplicación la saco al mercado los laboratorios Dugley en tiempo récord como si fuese ayer…

En otras palabras decir “ClusterBlog” devuelve resultados de http://www.clusterblog.com , y decir  “John Bisner” devuelve resultados de http://www.johnbisner.com  y  https://johnbisner.wordpress.com  y si dices Vicente Fernandez en youtube, te da resultados de sus canciones y así en esa forma funciona para los videos o música que  andas buscando.

Pero como todo en la tecnología por más bueno y avanzado que sea – también de errores. Por ejemplo, el micrófono aparece en la página de Toyota, pero en realidad no funciono correctamente (“creo que su auto desplegable puede ser el culpable”). Y el micrófono a veces aparece en lugares extraños, como el cuadro de título en WordPress – pero todavía funciona! La mejor práctica y función esta en Google con inicio instantáneo, ya que le permite buscar, sin golpear el teclado para nada.

Search Chrome voice

Voice search with google chrome

Como todo y por supuesto, este tipo de tecnología no es nada nuevo en el espacio móvil – lo que significa que un par de años quizás estaremos viendo algo diferente, como es el caso de las pantallas dactilares, que es tecnología vieja, pero mejorado por las empresas telefónicas hoy día y utilizada en todo lugar.

Yo creo que veremos muchas más aplicaciones web y las extensiones que se aprovechan de este tipo de tecnología, es ingenioso ver en el Internet esta capacidad y avance sin ningún tipo de plug-in necesario. De hecho, AreYouWatchingThis ya la ha aplicado en su sitio web, http://www.icantfindthegame.com

En la actualidad, el plug-in requiere Chrome 11 beta, pero esta función se basa y debe pasar la estabilidad continua y mejorada del navegador en su futuro.