As a technology consultant and network security specialist we know and understand that New Technology change many things in our daily living. But not everything.  We may search, blog and shop online, but we still read magazines and you are far from alone.

I guess some people thought instant coffee was going to kill coffee but that did not happen to their surprise, people today drink more regular coffee than ever, its taste and aroma has no comparison, take it from someone that drinks coffee all day.

Readership has actually increased over the past five years. Even the 18 to 34 segment continues to grow steadily.  I have observed that typically young adults and couples now read more issues of magazines per month than their parents. They read everything from social magazines, sports, fashion and traveling issues.

Rather than being display by “instant media”, it would seem that magazines are the ideal complement. The explanation, while sometimes drowned out by the Internet drumbeat, is fairly obvious, magazines do what the Internet does not. Magazines neither obsessed with immediacy nor trapped by the daily news cycle, they have promoted a deeper connection with the reader and a mutual non obsessive relationship.

We all know that magazines engage us in ways distinct from digital media. In fact, the immersive power of magazines even extends to advertising and marketing solutions.

This is something the expert and Guru in social media Jason Shroeck and I have spoken about in many occasions. Many magazines today remain the number one medium for driving purchase consideration and intent. And that is crucial essentially in every product category, including for coffee, something in common we both have!

John Bisner U.

Magazines & Coffee are not dead.